In Bruges / In London

In Bruges/In London

A computer program conducting fake violins. A hectic Glockenspiel mimicking raindrops.

Released in February 2016 by Glass House Records.



This one is the previous album's rather brash sister. A bit less improvised and somewhat more dependent on drum beats. Might not be quite as easy on the ears as its predecessor. Still fun. Probably more suited for walking around town. The cover design is not a code by any means, so don't bother deciphering it. You'll notice they're just numbers and end up being hugely disappointed.

Released in March 2006 by Glass House Records.



Largely improvised repetitive ambient textures. Where do we go when we die? What is the meaning of life? Is there a god and why doesn't she seem to give a fuck? This album doesn't answer any of these questions. But it makes for a rather good listen right before going to sleep. Good quality headphones are highly recommended. It will sound a bit dull coming out of your tiny laptop speakers.

Released in July 2005 by Glass House Records.


There once was a boy called Vxhll. No one knows why his parents chose that particular name (and spelling), or why the authorities even allowed it. But they did, and so it stuck. The boy wasn’t particularly strong, above-average intelligent or stunningly handsome. In fact, some people described him as a loner, emotionally unstable and going out of his way avoiding people altogether. But he did have a knack for creating melodies, and so the boy figured: if he was put on this earth to do something, it would be to make music.

The boy became a teen, the teen became a grown man. Bands, friends, and relationships came and went. But the music stayed.

This is a web site showcasing that music.

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Vxhll is a solo artist operating from Germany since 2005. He has released two albums and a two song EP between 2005 and 2016, experimenting with ambient and orchestral electronic music. Vxhll is pronounced like the Vauxhall tube station in London, UK.

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